Lift Stress wireless Monitor

Lift Stress wireless Monitor

monitor the life span of a lift motor

Lift Stress Wireless Monitor


Lift or an elevator stress level determines How long the lift can function before the lift motor breakdown. One of the most highest cost in a lift is the motor that pulls the cabin from bottom to top and vise versa. The question is if you are given an opportunity to know whether your lift is stressed out or not will you be interested? It may be caused by frequent usage or abusing it with all sort of misuse.

Most of the building owners would say yes because if you know the condition of your lift then you may call for a preventive maintenance service. This will reduce the cost of your lift maintenance expenditure or even changing motors. In a normal scenario you may have an access control and CCTV system for your

In Thought Works we can remotely monitor all you need to know about lift wear and tear such as motor stress level, water detection, power failure, no of times the lift opens and you can also check if the lift technician already at the lift attending to the problem.

All this data will be sent to your dashboard for your action, enhance and safe money.


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