IoT Services

Our IoT services started in 2015 before that we were in the remote monitoring solutions when 2G mobile network was introduced in 2002 and evolved to 3G/4G networks & Etc. Some of our services that are available now.

Our Product and Services

As an Integrator, We have 2 business model.

Operation Expenditure Model- We invest it the entire system consists of product, network, software and we will commission it for you. A small rental will be charged for stipulated period e.g. contract 2 years and no maintenance cost will incur for our customer

Capital Expenditure Model – This model normally for customer that requires to pay for the entire system one off. There will be maintenance charges should they call us to maintain them.

Monitoring Factory Induction Motors

Hawk-E ( Factory Motor Efficiency Monitoring System)

it guarantees an early detection of motor failures. It gives parameters to sums up problem faced by motors that running inefficiently.

We design, develop and produce the devices to work with parameters that is essential such as humidity, temperature, electricity and ambient oxygen concentration and send this vital information securely to the dashboard that puts all the parameters to sum up the reading.

Our System then displays the reading on the Dashboard we developed for the key people to monitor. The system also pushes email notification to the designated / authorized personnel for further action.

We can develop cloud base solution for remote viewing via internet.

Temperature Monitoring System

We provide solution from Frozen Food to Maintaining a Data center so long it has to do temperature. Ensuring optimal temperatures will save you from food being spoiled and servers from downtime which can cost you a bomb or loosing business. Thought works IoT Service can help you to avoid downtime by remotely update you the temperature status and alerts you on real time should your temperature goes above the optimal range.

Asset Monitoring System

Asset monitoring solution is Lean provider that connect your asset to internet. In an increasingly global competitive market place connected networks are vital to companies operation. Many companies are considering adapting IoT technology to address ways to maximizing operations. IoT provides operational improvement such as

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Enhance Efficiency
  3. Increase productivity

IoT also has a potential to generate new revenue opportunity. Real-time monitoring of Asset is one approach being adapted by proactive companies A key driver to implementing asset monitoring is the ability to gain instant information on how a particular asset has been utilize.  95% of IoT buyers prefers to work with end to end providers. With our hardware, network partnership and software expertise we provide the specific IoT solution require on a global scale. We remove the complexity and risk by creating a flexible platform that deliver straightforward solution you can easily implement to your operations.


Water Leaking Detector

Remote monitoring for water leak. Our device monitors them 24hrs every day. It has saved many organization in terms of

  1. Prevent Damages
  2. save time and resources
  3. protect your reputation
  4. low cost
  5. preventive maintenance
  6. monitor from anywhere
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