Our Project

Induction Motor Alert System


A manufacturing company was facing issues in monitoring 900 of their induction motors from various machines. The problem was when the machine stops then their production stops and cause them a downtime and huge lost.¬† Although they have special engineers with handheld vibration reader but he was unable to check all their machines at once as you can only go by feedback given by the operator if the machine doesn’t sound normal.

Our Projects in this manufacturing plant is to install a device that will monitor the vibration, temperature and current of their induction motor so it captures the data and sent to the cloud server. The algorithm in of our software will process the data and conclude the efficiency of the motor by percentage. Once the result is beyond the acceptance variable it will then send an alert to the HOD of the Plant and others via email.  We had successfully  installed monitoring devices to some 230 units of various induction motors based on their priority.

Our alert system will warn them

  1. and save from abrupt stop in production
  2. and allow them to prepare the machine for maintenance
  3. save money
  4. save time
  5. increase productivity

Remote Temperature Monitoring

We have installed like 159 units of Wireless Temperature device at each chiller and cold room for Chain Restaurant in Malaysia and branches in Indonesia and Singapore. The Device will capture any rises or decrease below the optimal cooling temperature. This remote monitoring temperature system will send an alert should the be an alarming temperature drop or increase via email.

The alert will inform you the following

  1. The location of your restaurant
  2. The temperature reading
  3. if it your wine chiller or fridge or cold room

Before our customer install our product, There were many cases where the fridge temperature was wrongly set and it destroys the food, the cold room failed to maintain the optimum temperature, there was a blackout and Etc.


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